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Haidi’s Skillsets are the Answer to your Supply Chain Setbacks

Elevate your Supply Chain to the next level, one problem at a time

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Forecast Algorithms

Finding a needle in a haystack is no big deal for Haidi. Her top-notch AI powers can comb through your company data to help you understand patterns, make informed decisions, and forecast future needs with incredible accuracy.

She considers all the necessary internal or external data such as point of sales, social media trends, customer insights, and weather. She uses these factors as inputs to influence your future demand.

Inventory Optimisation

The wrong inventory at the wrong place and wrong time is one of the biggest money pits for most businesses. You can solve these issues with Haidi’s AI-powered Inventory Optimisation skillset.

Here, Haidi will look into your end-to-end network, assess demand and supply variability, and suggest the optimal inventory level at each point of use.

Advanced Analytics

Human-Machine Collaboration

The human touch is essential for successful plans. No AI-powered tool can replace the experience you bring to the table.

That’s why one of Haidi’s key focuses is human-machine collaboration. She analyzes the data, makes predictions, and advises you on your business's best moves. But YOU have the final say in all the decisions, and she’ll learn from it, compare it to what actually happened, and adapt over time.

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Actionable Business Insights

All the data in the world is useless if you don’t know how to apply it to improve your end-to-end supply chain.

Haidi helps you gain insights using prescriptive analytics models and use them to take decisions & actions that’ll make your supply chain much more efficient and smoother operations.

Business Intelligence

To develop an efficient and high-functioning supply chain, you need to understand your business inside and out. That’s where Haidi’s Process Expert jumps in to help you set priorities.

The Business Intelligence is then defined collaboratively to ensure maximum adoption. You can analyze your company data - past and future - and use it to take accurate future business decisions.

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No forecasting skills required