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Sushi Mania

Production Digitalization

July 20, 2022

A Bit of Background

Sushi Mania’s sales orders are placed by the various clients the day before and sometimes shortly before the beginning of production.

The production facility was entirely driven by a master Excel file printed out for the various production units.

The Problem

Sushi mania didn’t have an automated process for turning daily sales orders from 200+ retails stores at their production facility into production requirements.

They were dealing with multiple human errors and unnecessary delays because of the time lost between orders coming in, entering data, and having it accessible by the production and shipping teams.

The Solution with Haidi

Haidi's production & shipping management app was the answer to these problems.

We automated the processing of Sales Orders, provided each production unit with a tablet with specific personalized screens to ensure prompt usage and actions, and gave them the option to edit the recipes for each product within the app.

Last but not least, an algorithm now instantly tells the shipping team about the selection of boxes for each POS.

The Outcome

Such mania gained 2 FTE of Hours to focus on what matters the most and decrease the stress on key employees.

They have streamlined the flow of goods and information from the sales orders to the loading dock.

That has given them an additional:

●       1 FTE hours to the sales team

●       0.5 FTE hours to the production team

●       0.5 FTE hours to the shipping team