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Sushi Mania

3 Years Forecast

January 3, 2022

A bit of background

Sushi Mania was looking to expand the production of certain items. They struggled to compile all the relevant past and present data and use it to make accurate predictions regarding their products’ popularity.

Additionally, they relied on inefficiently managed excelsheets and manual data entry.

The Problem

The Sushi Mania team lacked a system that could give them a bird’s eye view of their business.

That made it nearly impossible for them to make sound decisions about expanding their business and planning their growth over a three-year horizon.

The Solution with Haidi

Haidi's demand forecasting tool organized four years of historical data, understanding patterns, seasonality, and trends and prepared a 3-year projection of their business.

The data is displayed in a dashboard with filters that represent segmentations valuable for key players to make decisions.

That gives them an overview of the different types of product groups they sell, each one’s popularity, and sale numbers they can use to decide which products they should continue selling.

The Outcome

Their Quarterly review meetings are now automated, and the time is spent on making decisions for the future of Sushi Mania rather than compiling and entering data.

They now save approximately 12 hours of excel work every month.