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Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP)

June 1, 2022

A Bit of Background

Planted is an alternative meat start-up experiencing a fast-paced growth, where its supply chain has become substantially more challenging to manage.

The Problem

High volume of data is managed in spreadsheets, a practice prone to error that hinders the ability to analyse, understand relationships, provide the right insights and support a better decision making.

Planted is lookingfor a partner to update their supply chain suite.

The Solution with Haidi

Full implementation of the S&OP process, starting with new product introduction, up to allocation management during shortages.

Haidi was identified by Planted as the right solution to overcome these SupplyChain Planning challenges because:

  • It’s smartly designed and adapted to specific business cases.
  • It’s tailor fitted with the organization’s strategy.

The Outcome

Planted and Haidi are currently working on the first proof-of-concept.

Without metrics yet to be captured, Haidi is enabling Planted to:

  • Decommission the use of spreadsheets to plan the supply chain.
  • Have one single data point of truth on the cloud.
  • Tackle key decision-making points with an adequate level of insight while avoiding unnecessary complexity.